Protect your skin from the sun's UV rays with Halot's sun protective clothing

Ultraviolet radiation from the sun is the most important risk factor for skin cancer. When the UV index rises above three, the skin should be protected from the sun's UV radiation. Even in Finland, the value is easily exceeded on a sunny summer day.
There are also various sun creams available for protection, but the best means of protection is clothing.

Skin cancer is indeed the most common type of cancer in the Caucasian population, and the incidence of these cancers has grown alarmingly fast in recent decades. In Finland, the increase has been about 14% among women and 4% among men (2019).

The most serious side effect of UV rays is skin cancer. The risk of melanoma increases especially when the skin burns in the sun repeatedly.


Skin cancers are increasing all the time. The trend can be seen in all skin cancers and also in young people. The exact cause is unknown. Everyone's cancer risk is influenced by their genetics, but its importance for the vast majority of skin cancer patients is less than that of the sun. It has been suggested that up to 80–95% of skin cancers could be prevented by protecting the skin.

 The most dangerous effect of the sun's UV radiation is, of course melanoma and other skin cancers, but those who take care of their skin should also remember the effect on premature aging of the skin.

The sun is the worst cause of signs of skin aging, i.e. wrinkles, pigment spots and, for example, sagging. Up to 75 percent of human wrinkles are caused by the sun.

Sun protective clothing provides an important preventive and effective way to protect against burns and skin diseases.



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